Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gone again

It is hard having my husband gone again after he slept with me here. I miss him worse this time around. The good news is that I know we will talk on Friday of this week!!!
I forgot yesterday to blog about two things.
First, on Memorial Day we ended up taking the girls to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Do you remember my post from Thursday? Well, my husband got to see it in action! Our oldest was running around playing with other kids! They asked her name and we heard her answer! I turned to him and his eyes were shining with tears and he just could not believe that was our little girl! She was actually annoying and bossy to these kids!!! I mean that as a compliment! If you have never dealt with selective mutism that may confuse you, but it is a miracle to us and he got to see it!
Secondly, on the way home the girls were talking about the "mean lady" (the one I mention in my post titled A*N*G*E*R). They were asking why she was mean. I was explaining that she did not know who Jesus was and how much He loved her. The youngest said we should pray and of course I agreed. So, we are driving down the road praying "please help the mean lady love you Jesus and help her be nice" etc. It was so cute and they kept adding to the list of positive qualities they wanted Jesus to give her. It was really cute!

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Trinka said...

What wonderful things! Four-year-old interacting (even IF bossy), and three-year-old's tender heart. :)

So glad to hear it!!