Thursday, May 15, 2008

Give me a break!

I promise my peppy personality will return shortly (or at the very least in 9 days). However, I am so angry and sad AGAIN! My husband and his company found out that they are leaving for the field in the morning where they will stay for 9 days and they will NOT have cell phones with them. SO, here I am with no contact from my absolute best friend for 9 days. Sigh. I think I am done with tears, now I am ready to pray and get on with the next 9 days so that we can talk to him and see him again.
I did have 1 funny thing happen today though. I am taking the girls in the morning so we can all get our haircuts. When we were scheduling our appointments there I was showing them these "samples" of hair that showed colors of hair dye. Think Willie Nelson pony tails =). Also these colors are like Barney and Stephanie from Lazytown. Tonight I reminded them that in the morning we do not have to go to the gym we are getting haircuts. The oldest said, "And we are picking out my new hair color right?" WHAT?@?@?@ I was rolling!! She thought because I showed them colors their hair could be that they were getting hair dye put in!!!! Too cute!

1 comment:

Trinka said...

now THERE would be a surprise for daddy when he gets back. :) (particularly if you let them choose the colors!!!)

Actually ... might be worth it to buy a bottle of the temporary stuff, just to see his reaction!

I'll be praying that the Lord gives you the grace & strength to persevere in this.