Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ponies, Princesses, Angels and Derby Cars

Where to start? How about some photos?

This morning we ALL got up at 5:15 to take my husband to work so he could clean a bunch of weapons. We were all tired. Amazingly our four year old never slept till about 3 p.m. We had Christmas music playing and we came around the corner and found her like this. Is she cute or what?
Let's start with ponies, or rather horses. Remeber our tradition of the girls gifts to baby Jesus? Well the girl sleeping by the tree picked a theraputic horse ranch. We called to ask when we could come and they were so touched by our tradition that they offered to have her come out Sunday at 3 to help feed the horses! She is SO excited!
Same girl, different story. About once a year, we count their "spending" bank and take them shopping. Remember the blog last year where the oldest had enough for an electric motorcycle? The youngest wanted a horse from Target. Anyone see a theme here? =) We took her to get it and it was on sale for $20!! She named it Princess and is in LOVE with her! It is a neat toy!
Moving onto Angels and back to the 5 year old. She chose to get a child from something like the Angel Tree. She chose a 6 year old girl and we took her shopping. Now, she is using her own Jesus money. So, she picked out cool blue jeans, a pink dress, a toothbrush and toothpaste. (Obviously we are doing a little extra for the 6 year old she chose). She used all the money and said the change she would give to a bell ringer. Is she sweet or what? It was really neat. She put so much thought into the jeans and dress.
Derby cars. Tonight was Awana's Derby Car night. We were supposed to make a car for her (5 yr. old) to take to Awanas and they were having a Drive-In Movie night. My hubby gave her a rubbermaid and let her decorate with markers. She drew doors, windows and wheels etc... Guess what? She WON! She got the prize for Most Original!
It was a very exciting day here!!!

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Trinka said...

Sweet pictures! And I love what the girls plan to do with their gift money this year.

I got the same horse-genes as four-year-old. :) I did my first-ever school report on a therapeutic riding clinic.

Look forward to seeing you all one week from tomorrow!