Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Planes, Trams and Disney!!!!

Now to put some words with the photos! You will see the girls. We were with my husband's dad, step-mom and her mother. Her mother is 96 years old and there is a photo of her in the middle. She is amazing! She is 96 and this was her first visit to Disney and that was how she looked all day long! She was just as cute as the girls were. There are pictures of the girls picking oranges, feeding horses and Disney. During the trip they rode golf carts, planes, ferry boats, trams and multiple rides at Disney. At Disney they rode Astro Orbiter, Small World, Carosel, Jungle Cruise, Tea Cups, Magic Carpet ride, saw 2 parades, went into the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and Tom Sawyer's Island. We had perfect weather and a perfect vacation. The girls were SO well-behaved, our flights went well and we had great time with our family! We had some wonderful meals and a lot of relaxing. We got in the hot tub, fed horses several times, fed fish, toured their properties, rode in golf carts (including an accidental driving by the girls and an intentional driving by me), we hand picked oranges from their trees and brought them back to make FRESH squeezed juice, discovered a cute little town, went to Disney and had a total blast! I think more stories will come out, but I am tired right now!

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Trinka said...

Great trip summary! Glad you're home safe & sound.