Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was a blast! Our MOPS group here threw a birthday party for Baby Jesus. They had a huge banner on the floor for all the kids to color, a BOZ Christmas movie, a stack of books to read with your kids, nativities to play with and cupcakes with candles! We all sang to baby Jesus and the kids all ate cupcakes. It was a neat thing to do to celebrate Christmas. The girls really enjoyed having a party that was geared towards kids and they were so happy to spend the day there with me. I took them to Chick-Fil-A afterwards. I will miss them while we are in Korea. 2 years without it!! We stayed there awhile playing. When we came home we hung out and when my hubby got home he took them out to rent a family movie. Unfortunately they did not seem appropriate for what we let them watch so we ended up watching Little House on the Prairie. We all enjoyed it and finished up with a rousing game of UNO. I made a new recipe last night and it was SO good!
One of the cutest things yesterday was when we were driving to the party and the youngest and oldest said how much they love Christmas etc. Then the youngest said, "But mommy, you know what? I also really love Thanksgiving because I love being Thank You for things. This year I am Thank You for horses." How many kids do you know that are thankful for Thanksgiving! I was already in the process of melting and the oldest chimed in saying, "Yeah. Thanksgiving is great because all the family we never see comes to our house and you make a huge meal and you make those special rolls for us and we love those rolls Mommy." Melting complete.


Anonymous said...

The princess horse is very pretty!
Spent the day with the birthday girl and she said the oldest was
reading storys to her over the phone. Great job!!!!

Trinka said...

How sweet! What's a "BOZ" movie?

See you soon!