Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shiny White Ponies

Yesterday my husband was out at the range all day. He had a great time. Guys + Shooting huge tank guns = Dream Day. He was gone all day and very cold, but was so excited about the stuff they did out there. He also earned a healthy dose of respect for just what it means to command a tank. Very big responsibility. Very easy to get injured or killed just by "practicing" like they were yesterday. He was so happy with the whole day though!
The girls and I had a good day as well. We went to this local festival and saw all kinds of arts and crafts. Then they got to sit on Santa's lap. It was so cute! Right before us there was a little boy and when he was done his parents said, "Ok. Now it's your brothers turn." His brother was probably 26 and 300 pounds. He had Downs Syndrome. It was the cutest thing! They told him not to sit on Santa, but Santa (a very scrawny elderly man) said it would be fine. This boy threw his arms around him and said, "SANTA"! It was the cutest thing! Santa asked what he wanted and he asked for Leap Frog. It was so cute and made everyone smile to see it. When it was the girls turn, I knew they would not speak so I went up with them. The oldest wanted Polly Pocket stuff and the youngest asked for shiny white ponies. I assumed she meant real ones. After we left she informed me she wanted shiny white ponies to play with and sleep with like we see in the store. She is not getting those but is getting a HUGE stuffed horse from sissy!

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