Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

The pictures in the previous post are from our belated Christmas celebration with my parents and sister. Also, there are the photos of our new couch and love seat, the doll house all set up in the play room and the collection of chapstick that our 5 year old has! I hope you enjoyed them. I also hope that you all welcome in the new year safely and in good health.
Oh yes! There are also photos from a really cool place that we took the girls called Pizza Tower. If you are ever near one, you must take your kids there! It was such a fun meal! Each child gets a lump of pizza dough to play with. Each child also gets a small cup of ice cream to eat. They had chalk boards and a game room. The food was yummy and we all loved playing the dough. Our oldest made a "dough man". Neat place to visit and there are several in the U.S.!


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