Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today we had the pleasure of an entire day with NO plans. My husband suggested the local science museum. We took off and spent a good 3 hours there! It was AWESOME! The girls (and us) had a total blast! I was excited because we got to see an IMAX show about the wild coast of Africa. I have wanted to take the girls to an IMAX for a long time. It was worth the wait! They loved it! Sorry, no photos. We forgot the camera! But we had a great memory building day. We did upset the youngest though. She is always happy.... as long as she is not hungry. Well, the IMAX show was at 1 and it was almost 3 by the time we landed at a place for lunch. She was silent and pretty much glaring at us. After devouring a roll, some of my soup and finally her own meal, her smile was back in place again! Phew! Tonight was scary though. The girls were in bed and I heard a noise. It was a siren. I changed the station and we were under a tornadoe watch. As we were listening they said it was pretty much headed for our house. Yeah. It was creepy. My husband pulled out a mattress, we woke up the girls and got ready but thankfully the Lord was watching over us and we are all fine! I hate tornadoes and I KNOW I will dream about them tonight. Hopefully the girls will dream about science stuff instead! =)


Valorie said...

Glad you had a fun day! If Carole misses a meal the whole world knows. :)
Yikes about the tornado. Glad it missed you. Those things are so scary.

Trinka said...

Sounds like a lovely day! (except for the threat of impending death part, that is.)

Fortunately, the girls probably thought hopping out of bed and hiding under a mattress was some kind of fun adventure. :)

Ask Cliff about the light blue bunk beds that grandpa built us when we were little. They could have doubled as a tornado shelter. Grandpa built tings HEAVY.

Kathlyn said...

Where is the local Science museum?