Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who do you love?

This was what I overheard the girls discussing in the play room today. The oldest said, "Ok. I am going to give you clues who I love. First, I love someone whose name starts with 'D' ". The youngest said, "Daddy!" "Yes, and I love someone who starts with 'M' ." Youngest, "Mr. Seth." Oldest, "NO! I like him." Younger, "Oh, Mrs. Kathlyn." Oldest, "NO! She starts with 'M' and she is a very small woman. Very small. And she lives with us and she will live with us FOREVER." The youngest said, "OH, MOMMY!!!" Ha!!! I was rolling!!! They had no idea I was even listening, so obviously I had to blog about it!


Trinka said...

Oh how sweet! :) It's got to be fun to listen in like that.

And "small woman" ... this is also very nice!

Kathlyn said...

Hahaha. . .we are flattered that the youngest thought of us! :)

Luke said...

That is good blog fodder there [smile].


Belinda said...

That is too cute!