Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yeah, we went to the Zoo today. It was a complete blast! The girls got to pet a kangaroo, a small boa constricter, a wallabee, some goats and maybe something else. It was so much fun! There were two VERY funny things that happened. First, we saw a man feeding some turtles and he was giving them vegetables. Our oldest said, "Man. I wish I lived with turtles. I would eat all their broccoli!" Second, we just found the lions and secured a spot to view them when the male lion started mounting the female. All the adults were shocked and the kids clueless! It was great! On the way home we tried a yummy new place and then got groceries.


Trinka said...

Sounds great!

RE: Lions ... "and that, my dear adults, is where lions COME FROM." :)

Love the pics!

Kathlyn said...

haha! I am dying to go to the zoo. Was this in Louisville? And where did you eat? We are always up for a new yummy place, haha. BTW, the Mexican restraunts in E-town and Radcliff are open. Let's go!!!

Anonymous said...

Neat animals.
Glad the girls were clueless.
The flowers with Grace were pretty