Monday, March 16, 2009

The Mud Princess

These were taken about 20 minutes after she declared she would never play in the mud again. The girl loves mud. She was in it again today. While I DESPISE the clean up I want to let her do this as long as she is willing. It makes her so happy. I was talking to my mom today and she called her the Mud Princess. I found it 100% appropriate.


Trinka said...

Oh, she looks so sad! Poor youngest! Being a mud princess is OK, if your mom says you can! :)

Cracks me up the contrast between oldest and youngest, who were probably both playing in the same environment, for the same amount of time!

Send me a couple of those pics in full-size, if you get time? Those are PERFECT desktop fodder!

Valorie said...

LOL! I am so not brave enough to let my kids play in the mud. :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

It's worse than mud. It is red clay! =) I just know that soon she will grow out of it and be bigger than she is. i want to TRY and enjoy all this while I can

Belinda said...

LOL, she and Landon were made for each other!

Anonymous said...

The Mud Princess,Great!
I would love a full size one too.