Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No real answers yet

I still don't have answers to a lot of the questions you all are asking us. But I will share what we know. My husband, being the man he is, takes full responsibility for his being recycled. I feel the blame lies elsewhere. For example, one mission he got a no-go on.... Rain had gotten into a radio and it would not work. In order to radio in and start the mission it had to be fixed. He had given someone else the job of checking them and they forgot. Had it not rained or they remembered to check he would have passed. Instead he radioed in a few seconds past the start time and was automatically given a no-go. I find it frustrating and blame the rain and the person who forgot. He says he was the leader and should have known. The truth probably is somewhere in the middle. But all that aside, we both feel this is where God wanted us, but are struggling to understand why. If that makes sense. I do have some measure of peace. I just hope we keep our assignment to Korea. I do not know when we will know anything. Also, no we do not know when he will start his classes again. He will not repeat everything, just the past 5 weeks. Sadly, those 5 weeks are when they have no days off and spend 20+ days in the field. Big sigh. Please just keep him in your prayers and hopefully days to come we will see some answers and feel some understanding as to why. Thanks!


Trinka said...

It is a blessing to know Who is ultimately in charge.

He may be protecting you from a really bad situation by having you there right now. He may be providing information or connections that will be desperately needed in the future. He may just be giving you 5 more weeks in the U.S. to spend time with family & friends before you leave.

We can't know. But we can trust hte One who does.


Anonymous said...

I have only the highest regard for a person who takes full responsibility for actions and results.
Blaming other individuals is a sign of weakness and does not give a person the will to take charge and proceed with whatever action is required to change future outcomes.
We love you and we respect you.

Belinda said...

How frustrating! Like you said though, God has a reason for keeping you were you are a little longer. We have definitely seen God's hand at work when we look back on the last 2 years. Opportunities we were so excited about didn't pan out and now looking back we are SO glad. God had even better plans for us than we imagined. I will continue praying for you all!