Monday, March 9, 2009

Lunch time funnies

My husband was home for lunch today. We were all enjoying eating together. The girls were yapping and chattering about all kinds of things. We were discussing how daddy is the one who sews our clothes. The oldest said, "Mommy is the one who takes care of all the food." Pretty much, they are under the impression that all I do, or even WANT to do, is cook and bake. It is actually quite cute! I mentioned that since Daddy was home maybe he could cook dinner one night. (Side note: the other day the youngest told me.. "Daddy is very good at baking cereal onto a plate for me.") I asked what they thought he could make. The youngest said, "Bacon, lemons and maybe cookies." The oldest (and I can barely type with without laughing) said, "I think MAYBE he could make homemade bread because the recipe is real short and he MIGHT be able to remember all of it and not forget anything, Huh?" Yeah. I am still laughing! I LOVE our family!