Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miracle on OUR street!!!

Back before Christmas, this little girl ( our youngest ) started having problems with one toe. It got all yucky and then fell off. We just assumed that she had hurt it and went on. Then the other foot, big toe started the same thing again. We took her in and if you recall she was defined as a medical mystery. Then about two weeks ago the first toe started doing the same things again! I took her back in and they diagnosed her as having this really weird disorder. I was literally in shock. I got home and started looking into it and one night I slammed the computer shut and was just shaking. It was an ultra rare disorder and no cure, no treatments. Very few cases ever in the U.S. I thought there was no way, but many of the pictures looked just like her. The final outcome would have been that eventually all her nail and toe nails would fall off and keep doing it. Not life threatening, but sad. So today we had a referral to a dermatologist. Two doctors came in and could not figure it out, but they said that they thought it looked like the original diagnosis. Then they did a scraping of her skin and toe nail. They took it out and examined it under a microscope. Came back in and said she has a very rare, very aggressive fungus! I was thrilled!!!!! The treatment is a heavy duty medicine. She will be on it twice a day for 3 months. Then we have to take her back in. They said she may not be cured for a year. That is fine with us!!! The medicine is the only thing that cures this fungus, but they said this fungus is really resistant to the medicine. So, if we go back in 3 months and it is not gone, she will have to have tests to check for liver damage before she can continue taking more medicine. all of that just seems so nice though after the fear we had. We are so thankful to God that our sweet baby girl is going to be ok!


Trinka said...

Praising the Lord with you!!!

The look on her face in that middle picture is priceless. :)

Luke said...

That is great news! May the treatment be effective quickly.

And the photos are precious [smile].