Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A ray of light

I belong to a wonderful group called Christian Military Wives. On that group I have met a very nice lady. She just happens to have two very cute girls. Those two girls just happen to be the same ages as our girls. Our oldest girls are 12 days apart and the youngest are 11 months apart. We knew we were all going to be in Korea for the same 2 years. Arriving about 1 month away from each other. But they were going to be at the big base and getting together would have been hard. We just found out that they have changed where her husband will be and they will be living in the same town as us!! I cannot tell you how that makes me feel! I have always been excited for Korea, but was so scared of not having friends or not having someone to call on if I had an appt. I could not take the girls to. Not only that, but to have a Christian friend! I am so excited! We were able to talk on the phone last night. Now in a few months we will meet!

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Trinka said...

That's great!!!!

I'm so glad to hear you're starting to see some of the good things God is going to do through this. I know there will be lots more!