Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just what the doctor ordered

Today was exactly what the doctor ordered. We woke up TOGETHER, got up together (actually my wonderful husband let me sleep in), he got breakfast for himself and the girls and then took them to a park. When they got back, I drove to get our most wonderful sitter. We left the girls in her hands and jumped on my husband's motorcycle for our date! Today was his first day off in 5 weeks! I do not think we quite realized how much stress we had been dealing with and today was what what we needed! We hopped on his bike, 70 degrees and sunny and hit the road. Nothing can describe what that feels like! It was awesome! We went to the bookstore and drank coffee, had a yummy lunch and then went to a movie. We got to the theater at the wrong time and were 30 minutes early. We decided to pick a different one and the only thing not "R" was "Paul Blart Mall Cop". We both think Kevin James is great, but thought the movie looked awful. well, we were very pleasantly shocked! It was the cleanest, funny movie I have seen in years! We laughed till we cried and then laughed till our sides were throbbing and kept laughing! It was SO funny! Afterwards, he took me on a drive through the country, just us and the road. When we came back I felt like I had just had a massage. I was totally relaxed and felt like I could take on the world! After we got home, one of my husband's friends and his wife came by. We all went out for mexican. Now the girls are in bed and we are trying to get our printer to work! It was a perfect day and exactly what our famliy needed!
A funny story that has nothing to do with our day, but is actually from last night. We went into the girls room to check one last time before heading to bed. Well, the oldest heard us. She sleeps on the top bunk and at first she mashed her face against the rail guard. Then she "saw" (cause she was really sleeping) my husband and just VAULTED over the rail guard!!! Luckily, he has fast reflexes and caught her. She just laid her head on him and was still out! We were giggling like a couple school girls! It was absolutely adorable!!!

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Trinka said...

Sounds like a GREAT day! :)

Though Adorable Nice #1 sounds as if she needs a tether! That's so sweet.

Glad you had a good, relaxing day!