Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time with Daddy

Today was great! We all got up and hit some garage sales. The girls got to go to Mom's Out, Kids In. My husband and I spent those 3 hours drinking coffee and browsing stores together. Once we got home, he took the girls out for ice cream, duck feeding and a trip to the lake! They spent about 3 hours together! They all came home dirty and happy! While they were gone, I switched the winter clothes out for summer and it felt great! The girls came home and were so excited to see their summer clothes and shoes. We put them in the shower and after about 3 minutes they got out. I asked why and the oldest said, "we are just so excited about our clothes that we cannot even think about playing in the shower!" They are so funny! Oh, when we picked them up today we were asking what all they did at MOKI. They were telling us what they ate for lunch. The oldest mentioned just eating one cookie. I said, "You each only got 1?" She said, "Well we knew you would only want us to have 1 AND we remembered to eat our fruit first." We praised them and then rolled the windows down and screamed through the streets about how great our girls are! They LOVED it!


Anonymous said...

Special girls and great MOM and DAD

Kathlyn said...

Hey! We found out that our friends in our Sunday school (great couple) put that on for the military families. Seth is going to help at the next one if his mom isn't here visiting. They remembered your girls :)

Trinka said...

What a neat day! I love hearing how much they enjoy simple things. It reminds you of how fun it was to be a kid. :)

They must have loved seeing you guys yelling out the windows!