Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun trip!

Since my husband was gone for these 10-14 long days we broke some of it up with a VERY quick, whirlwind trip! We headed up to my parents. My dad took me out to lunch, I took in a movie with my sister, took the girls bowling and went to a Kitchen Aid cooking class with my mom! Then my mom ,the girls and I drove the long drive down to see my Grandma one last time before Korea. While we were there my cousin brought her three girls over. The girls are all within 3 years so it was SO fun! You can see the pics in the previous post. We spent a little time there and my mom, the girls and I came back to our house. My dad and sister left the same day and met at our house. We had a pajama party and ate pizza. This morning we all got up and went to a consignment sale and saw the girls play their final Upwards game. We all went to lunch and then they left. I was a little glad to have things back to normal but now it makes me miss my husband so much more. If all goes well he will be back on Monday, but I am not really expecting that. We shall see. Now the girls are exhausted and asleep already! I am eating a late dinner and catching up on my computer stuff!

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