Thursday, February 12, 2009

All About Valentime's

Our girls are over the top excited about "Valentime's" day! They said tomorrow is the day to get ready for it and they wanted to decorate our van with hearts and stuff. The oldest had a very cute conversation with me and her little sister. She said, "Valentime's is all about sharing. So we need to get mommy and daddy a gift to share. so, Mommy, can you drive us to a pet store and we can take our banks and go in and buy a suprise pet for you? It will be a suprise though. Also, (little sister) Valentime's is also all about love. So on Saturday you need to tell me how much you love me ok?" of course the youngest agreed whole heartedly. They are just way too cute for their own good!
Some small, but exciting news in the world of home-schooling... we finished our first math workbook. That was 80 pages of math done by the oldest. Also, the youngest read four words the other day and has really turned a corner as far as attention span and trying hard on her work. It has been a breath of fresh air for me.

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Trinka said...

awwwww! :)

Stick around the house today, OK? There might be a surprise coming.