Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Today was actually somewhat better than I thought it would be. I am not really a huge Valentine's person, but when my husband is gone on this day it becomes huge to us both! We thought we would all go out for a special dinner on Friday but he did not get home from the field till 7:30. Just in time to put the girls to bed. So, plan B. We ordered pizza. Then about 20 minutes after we ate, he fell asleep. This morning we got up early to take him in. His day was starting off with another big test. After the girls and I were cleaned up and ready to leave for Upwards, he called again to say that he had about 3 free hours and they were on base! We flew over to get him and all hung out together at a coffee shop. While it was low on the romance factor it was AWESOME on the "we did not even know we were going to be seeing each other" factor. We missed Upwards, but no one cared! It was great to be a family for awhile! After we dropped him back off, the girls and I played outside and just hung out together. Oh, I should add that dropping him off is quite a sight! There was like 60 guys, all in camo, with sleeping bags, flak jackets, LBE vests, helmets, canteens everywhere. It looked like a giant boy scout tail gate camp out party! It was crazy! Now the countdown till Wednesday!!!!

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Kathlyn said...

We both have a countdown to Wed. :) Except you get a husband and I get a baby! I am sooo glad you guys got to spend some time together. God blessed your day. Happy Valentines to you and the girls. I don't know what I am going to do when you leave :( I will call if any news comes about!!! I love you guys!!!