Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Someone's in the Kitchen.... AGAIN!

We made strawberry shortcake as a surprise for my husband. I never have any idea when he will get home from the field, but it is always late! So late that he usually has a friend give him a ride home. But I always have something special quick and easy ready to make for him. Tonight it will be a steak on the George Foreman, a baked potatoe and strawberry shortcake. Trust me. Even if he gets home at midnight he is ALWAYS ready for a HOT, real meal that does not come in any brown or army green packages. He never usually eats those in the field anyways. I make him trail mix and granola and he takes granola bars and candy and beef jerky! Those are all better than the dreaded MRE's.
Anyways, here are some picks of the girls making daddy his treat!


Trinka said...

Very sweet! Nice to have something to cut that can be cut with a butter knife, so they can give it a try, without giving UP fingers. :)

jess said...

Hiya! It's me, Jess. Your Kristen from Wisconsin right? Forgive my dead brain. I'll blame it on my kiddos and all the brain cells I release while homeschooling. Allison's girlfriend to right?
h, and my blog... my sister likes to play with it - the font does do funny things this time, not my personal favorite, but I hate to hurt her feelings. I don't have time to dress my blog up on a regular basis.

Kristen & Cliff said...

Yes, I am Allison's friend but we live in Kentucky!! =) Your blog is fine now!!! I will look for you on facebook!