Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ocean Camels

You may be asking yourself what exactly are ocean camels? To answer that, you need to speak with our girls. They were taking a bath tonight (Carribean Blue might I add) and they called me in to look at them being ocean camels. It was so darn cute! They were laying on their tummies and lifting their humps (bottoms) out of the water. I was giggling but then they spit out bathwater!! Because, that is what camels do. I know it is kinda gross, but I thought it was hilrarious!! My husband says this is what happens when he is gone. He says I convert back into a kid and think more like them. I find so many things funny that they say and do. Oh well!
Another night with my hubby gone. Man am I tired of good-byes. I am going to watch "Nights in Rodanthe" tonight. He has not been keen on renting it, so I thought I would watch it tonight since there is nothing on Sunday nights.
The girls and I went to church today and we had a missionary as a guest speaker. It was great! Then we did some Korea preparations and they played in the garage. Before bed we all watched "Eloise at the Plaza". I am not real fond of the movies, but I think as long as we do not watch them very often they are ok.
Also, have you heard of the movie "Coraline"? Please follow the link if you have ever thought of seeing it. We took the girls to see "Tales of Desperaux" which was utterly charming! But that movie was a preview and it was AWFUL. We have decided we will not let the girls sit in previews anymore. You just don't know what they are going to show. So, please don't go see "Coraline" and if you are thinking of it, please read the link first.

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