Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In our area they have measured wind gusts at 75 mph. On the news they reported at least 60,000 are without power AGAIN. Please, Lord. Not us. Not again. So far, so good here. We did keep the girls home from Awana's tonight. We just did not feel like getting out in that. Yuck. I did get the Valentine's shopping in. I found these two little heart shaped muffin cups (actually they are big). They are oven safe. Son Friday night I will bake two giant heart shaped chocolate chip muffins for the girls. They will love it! I also picked up a few tiny gifts and some cool bags to put them in. We will try and have a happy Valentine's since my husband leaves us on that morning. No real news here. I am just addicted to blogging and someday want to have all these little moments to remember!


Trinka said...

Oh, those poor people!!!! I think there are some who still don't have power back from the FIRST time. Groan!

I hope it doesn't cause you problems.

The valentines' muffins sound very sweet.

Just out of curiosity, you DO have your posts backed up somewhere other than blogger, right?

If they're only stored here, and the site goes down, you could lose them.

Luke said...

Stay safe!

Lord, continue to watch over them and protect them. Amen.