Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grumpy Bear

I feel led to share a very funny story from my husband's training. Back in the summer of 2008 he was in BOLC II at Ft. Sill. During their training they spent three weeks in the field. Evidently they were all upset because rather than being treated like Officer's they were once again being treated like candidates. Since they have no real tools at their disposal to change the cadre's behavior, they came up with a creative way to make some kind of statement. When using the radio in the field you have to use "code names". I guess they all decided to go with a care bear theme. So they would be saying things like, "Grumpy Bear, this is Rainbow Bear. You are instructed to kill all enemies in sight." "Flower Bear, this is Sunny Bear. Kill those **** now!!" I just thought was SOOOO funny! He never even thought to tell me about till a few weeks ago. I still get a chuckle whenever I think about it!
Here was something cool that happened to me Saturday at Upwards. A lady came in and sat beside me. She was asking who that cute little girl was playing. It was OUR daughter! She said, "Wow. She is beautiful! She looks like Dakota Fanning used to. She is so adorable." She spent the rest of the game cheering for her and making nice comments on her. I was just a tad proud! =)


Stacey said...

Haha I like the Care Bear theme for the radio speak :-)

Trinka said...

Care bears ... excellent. :) Hey ... if the names aren't specified, and they allow room for creativity ... :)

So cool that oldest got picked out for attention! How is the cheerleader doing?