Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day

I just wanted one normal day, but evidently it is NOT to be. It all started normal, my husband off to take his big Armor test and then classes. I got a call from him in the middle of home-school and he says the cadre interrupted the test to tell them they have changed and are leaving for the field within 2 hours. So, the test ended at 10:30 and they were told they were leaving for the field at 12:30. But they had to go to this class at 10:30. He asked the girls and I to come get him at 11:00. The teacher ended up keeping them until noon. I spent ONE HOUR sitting in a van in a parking lot with two kids. He comes running out at noon and we have 30 minutes to go home (15 minutes away) and pack for the field and get back to base. If you do the math..... Anyhow, he had been told the night before that they would leave for the field Wednesday afternoon, so nothing was ready. Luckily he had laid out almost everything. I packed his food and he packed his stuff. We loaded up into the van (after some calls to his platoon leader and platoon Sgt. who told us to hurry but to be safe and they would wait). We got back to base at 12:45. No one is there. We drive around and my husband decided they left him. So I had to drive him out to this restricted area about 6 miles away. I pulled up in between about 100 tanks, Humvees and other big things and dropped him off. I was pretty flustered by this point and was now running late for my oil change. I get stuck at all the traffic lights that are still out and pull into the lot RIGHT on time. I knew it would be a long wait today, so they drove me and the girls to Chick-Fil-A and we had a late lunch. And they played. And played. For 3+ hours. Yep. I sat for over 3 hours at this place. Luckily it was a play land, but I was ready to go. On the way home we still had to stop at Kroger's for milk and apples. After I got home, the girls and I popped popcorn and watched a Little House episode. THAT made me feel better!!! Now, I get to enjoy the ONLY benefit to my husband being gone. I can watch my "dork" shows like "The Bachelor" and "American Idol" and there is no one making fun of me!!!!


Trinka said...

whew! what a day!

Bon said...

Wow...that's not a great day but you did pretty well with it. So glad that you got through the power outage pretty well too.