Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Someone's in the Kitchen

I got a recipe for EASY homemade chicken and dumplings. I have never made them before. This recipe was AWESOME and soooo much fun! I bet that kids as young as 18 months old could help make it. We had a blast and the girls enjoyed wearing the aprons their grandma made them. The oldest has decided that cheetahs are her favorite animals and that is what Grandma put on her apron. The youngest has horses because they are her favorite! I think having them home with and being able to include them in things like making a homemade lunch has to be one of the top perks of home-schooling! So far the day is off to a great start and tomorrow my husband comes home!!!!!!


Trinka said...

looks like fun!

Youngest looks SO much older! I just SAW them in December, and she's aged 2 years! :)

Anonymous said...

Chicken and Dumplings! Sounds good.
Did girls get e-mail valentine?

Bon said...

Oh Kristen, the girls are getting...so grown. Wow. In just a few short months. Glad he's home tomorrow.