Saturday, February 21, 2009

So it begins....

At 4:45 a.m. the girls and I dropped my husband off at the paddock and watched him walk away to get in his formation. By now he is in the field probably getting equipment signed out to him and soon they will gear up for their first mission of the Gauntlet. Please, every time you think of my husband this week, please shoot up a quick prayer for him. Not only is this very important, but they average about 1-3 hours of sleep per night and they are sleeping outside all week. Not my idea of fun.
The girls are being real good so far! They got drug out of their warm princess covers and put in car seats, drove to base, drove back home and I put them back in their beds and they DID go back to sleep! I was so thankful.
Last time my husband was gone, the girls and I were watching a Little House episode. I looked and saw the title was "My Father's Son". I did not think much about it. Figured it was a cheesy episode. Ha! Mr. Edwards gets mauled by a bear! Our youngest (who is easily spooked) had bad dreams 3 nights in a row. Now they tell me they are done playing in the forests because they do not want bears to come kill them. Today, we dropped my husband off and as we pulled away the oldest said, "Does daddy have a stick with him in case a bear tries to sting him out in the field?" It broke my heart! I felt so bad for them! I explained that he was safe etc... but I am not sure it made them feel any better.
Now I am sitting here drinking coffee and watching Brady Bunch on the T.V. Later is Upwards and house cleaning!

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Trinka said...

awwww ... what a sweetie. Daddy has WAY better than a stick ... he has lots of friends with really big guns. :)

I will be praying for this week. 1-3 hrs sleep? Yikes. I'd be a zombie, and a cranky one at that!