Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Our girls had a great time tonight! My husband and I each took a turn walking them through the neighborhood. They made quite a haul of candy. I am baking them a cake tonight and covering the icing with the candy and the rest we will pitch. I think the girls will be pleasantly surprised in the morning! Honestly, the girls enjoyed giving away the candy more than collecting it.
The funniest thing happened afterwards! I need to set it up first. Then horrid dentist the other day asked if the girls flossed and I said, "Nope". They gave us some free kid flossers in cool shapes and colors. The girls really took to it, so today I took them to Wal-Mart and we bought some new ones. They started asking if we flossed etc. We had an amazing discussion about flossing. SO, back to tonight. We finished our festivities and told them to go brush. They came running out with their new flossers and asked if we could have a flossing party. All four of us ended up sitting on the floor in a circle flossing together. Weird, but true! My husband said, "Well, I can honestly say that was the first party like that I have ever attended." I thought it was hilarious!!!
Happy Halloween!

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Trinka said...

How sweet! :)

You give those girls sequins ... and they start to party ... see how frightening things can get how quickly? :)

Tell them they're setting a good example for their aunt in the flossing department. Maybe I need to find some in pretty colors...