Friday, October 17, 2008

Extreme Fountain Day

We took the girls to a new trail today to go hiking. I will post some photos of the beautiful day and cute kids! At the end of the hike we drove to the play area there. My husband found a water park there and he let the girls play! It was so cold and they had a blast! They did not want to leave and then the youngest said, "I am as cold as I want to be." That was our cue and we left, but not without some photos.... ENJOY!


Trinka said...

Those are GREAT! :) The only thing that could have made them better is if I were able to be in them playing with the girls. :) :)

Anonymous said...

I love to walk thru the leaves too!
They sound so neat.

The girls are growing so! I can hardly wait to see you all.