Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craziness has begun

My husband is now in BOLC III and already it is crazy. I was in the middle of making dinner tonight and he called and needed a ride with all his TA-50 gear. So, I had to leave dinner laying on the counters and run get his gear. He is only two days in and already scheduled to work till at least 6 on Saturday. I am not taking it real well yet. The past few weeks were so wonderful! Hopefully, they will at least issue some form of a schedule and we can settle into our new routine.
Other than that, school is going well! We are very excited because in December both girls are able to participate in Upwards sports! Our oldest will be in basketball and the youngest will be in a mini-cheer squad. I think they will be very cute! We are also gearing up for our first Halloween living in a neighborhood where kids will actually be coming to our door! The girls are having a lot of trouble understanding why we are giving candy away! They keep looking at our bowl of give away candy asking why we giving it to other kids. Pretty cute stuff!

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Trinka said...

And will the girls have opportunity to experience other side of the great begging-for-chocolate day? :) They might like giving away candy more when they realize other people will be giving THEM candy. :)