Friday, October 10, 2008

A day "Down Under"

We had a special family fun day! We visited Kentucky Down Under. It was SOOOOOO cool! We got to pet a camel, play with kangaroos, witness a kangaroo stampede, tour a cave, feed the birds (I believe the photos speak for themselves) and chase some peacocks. It was a day to remember forever! We laughed and relaxed and the day flew by. We also found the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace. It is beautiful and free. Some of the pretty photos were taken there. It was a day that built memories. The highlight was watching the girls and my husband feed (or get attacked?) by the birds. Also, when the kind tour guide was explaining information about the lovely kangaroos, the youngest lisped at me, "Mommy, I think we should kill a kangaroo and a deer. They look kinda yummy huh?" That girl is something else. I think she takes after her Gampy. Thanks dad! =)
Also, I wanted to say thanks for all of you who commented on my post from yesterday. Luke, good luck on your adoption process! Cousin ... thanks for the encouragement!
Tomorrow I am attending an adoption seminar! Can't wait!

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Kathlyn said...

What a fun day you guys had! Seth just called me to say that he isn't come home till tomorrow (booo)and he hasn't heard anything either (double boo)! On a good note, he passed with flying colors! Also, I went to Barnes and Noble on Wednesday and I asked if they had the peppermint mocha and he made me one. It isnt advertised, but they do have it, so try again!!! Thanks for checking on me. I will let you know as soon as we know anything, which more than likely won't be until after Monday now. Have a great Holiday weekend!!!