Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Lamb Lover and Skateboarding

Tonight the youngest asked to please get a sandwich like daddy's. So.... we all headed out for Greek. He had a HUGE gyro, the youngest had a mini-gyro and the oldest had a cheese pita. Me? I ate at Hardee's who has 50% for military members after 4 p.m. I DID try a small bite of the lamb filled gyro and it tasted good, but I just could not get the image of a fuzzy baby lamb rolicking through a field out of my head. My husband's bleating did not help much either! LOL!
This morning I got up early and started baking some homemade bread for my pregnant friend. The poor girl is pregnant for the first time AND her husband is out in the field with no contact for 8-10 days. Plus she is feeling so miserable. I wanted to do a little something so we made bread. The youngest said, "Why are you making homemade bread?" I told her and she said, "well is she always going to keep eating it all or will we ever get some again?" Now, this makes it sound pretty awful. Like I make bread for others but not us. Actually it is my fourth loaf in the past week! Two we had here and then LAST NIGHT for bible study I made a gingerbread and she ate a huge slice of it there. I think it is pretty darn cute that she likes it so much!
Today I went to a brand new MOPS program here and I really liked it! The ladies were very welcoming and the girls had fun. I am looking forward to getting to know some new ladies and add some events to our social calendar!
Oh, yes, skateboarding. Tonight we took the girls to a skateboard park and let them run around and play. They had so much fun and we let them watch the bigger kids do tricks. It did the trick and really wore them out. Now they are sound asleep and we are relaxing here in the front of the T.V. Tomorrow we have a big day planned and are all excited!

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Kathlyn said...

Thank you again for the bread! I have added another symptom, a fever! But I have had 4 slices of your bread, which has been the only food I can stomach. THANK YOU! And tell the girls that if they want to have the next loaf for themselves, they will have to hide it from me! haha :)