Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bell Ringing

We experienced a sweet first tonight. You see, prior to this house. We lived at a house on a hill. Well, technically it was almost a mountain! No one ever went walking and people generally kept to themselves. Now, we live on a pleasant cul-de-saq and know several of our neighbors. Tonight, as we were finishing up our very late dinner, the doorbell rang. I heard a young voice say, "Can the girls come out to play?" My heart just swelled up with delight!!! It was our first time both to have a doorbell and to have a child come ask our girls to play! It was their friend from down the street. He has a dog named Diamond and he rides without training wheels. He is 5 but HUGE! Sadly, being the cruel parents we are, we did not allow the girls out to play. It was already 6:30 and our girls are on a schedule. They were both zonked out by 7:30. Hopefully tomorrow they will catch up with him.

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Trinka said...

Excellent!!! I hope there is a great season of fun with the neighbor kids!

LOVED the call yesterday. :) It was the high point of my day.