Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big Bunny and Good Ole' Lawerence Welk

Our morning started off with a bang! We woke up early since I was going to the seminar. The girls were up way early! The youngest one was sitting on the floor and the show "Bunnytown" started coming on. The oldest looks over at me, leans over, and quietly whispers, "Little Sister always gets Big Bunny and brings him out to see this show." About that time, little sister leaps up and goes running down the hall. She comes back dragging big bunny by an ear. She sets him up so he can watch all the bunnies on "Bunnytown". Evidently, it is his favorite show.
We had a super nice day again. The seminar was great! I learned a lot and enjoyed seeing such a large church. We hit a local town and took in the Arts and Crafts fair. MUCH to my husbands delight! =)
Tonight we painted our pumpkins. The oldest did something cute! She painted her pumpkin with a house on it. Then (much to MY delight) she painted a plant, with soil, roots and shoots!!! Thank you mommy teacher and thank you Sonlight!! I was so happy! I thought it was neat to see our science come to life on her pumpkin.
While my husband was out running, I took the girls in and was folding laundry. They asked to watch some TV. I found the Lawerence Welk show on PBS. It was adorable! We turned the volume up and the girls were dancing all over. It was a very special moment. I want them to stay like this!!! I love this innocence and the fact they don't know words like "dorky".

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