Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Lambs... YUM

My husband found a Greek place here in town and has been hankering a gyro from there. Today was busy and it worked out that we really did not have time for dinner, so we headed there to get him a gyro. Our youngest thought daddy's dinner looked real good and asked for a bite. We informed her it was baby lamb (complete with realistic barnyard noises from daddy) and she STILL wanted to try it. She LOVED it! She ate about 10 bites and said she wants her own next time! I told daddy he needs to take her on a date there and order her a mini gyro. I don't think that is on their menu but this place puts the "A" in authentic and I believe they would make a mini gyro for a brown eyed girl. There is this big sign outside the place saying "Drive Thru Now Open!!!!!!!!!" and very large white arrows directing you to the back "drive-thru". Note the quotations around drive-thru. It is not a typo. There is a screen hanging down over the open back door and this guy pushes aside the screen and yells, "This is drive thru!" So, we stop, roll down the window and my husband actually gets out and is conversing with the people as they make his gyro right there IN THE KITCHEN! It was a strange experience, but any place that authentic is sure to make special orders for little girls learning to love Greek food.


Trinka said...

Hey, if sweet-brown-eyes is brave enough to try eating PANDA, I'm sure she'll try lamb. :)

That sounds so cool. Maybe we'll have to go and visit this Thanksgiving time!

Kathlyn said...

Hey Kristen! I am still in the bed, with a box of tissues beside me, but let me tell you, your bread rocks!!! It is the only thing I feel like eating. I ate a little of the soup I made, but my stomach is being particular. THANK YOU for saving my day (and the next few days, if the bread lasts that long!!!) You are the best!!!