Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Boy

My husband is really sad. Last night he wanted to run to Wal-Mart to pick up some cool whip. I had made a pumpkin pie and he said it was illegal to eat it without cool whip. He said, "Girls, who wants to go with Daddy somewhere fun?" They did not want to go. They actually cried. He came in all sad. He said he thought they'd be his little girls for longer than that. Used to, they'd squeal and come running in full of all the things that happened in Wal-Mart, now they come in and want to go ring doorbells of their friends. It really is sad. It makes me SO ready for another baby. Today our youngest, the REAL daddy's girl, came home and said, "Do you know who my best boy is?" I thought she'd say Daddy. Nope. "Reagan at school. We like to run and laugh with each other all the time. We like giggling together and we both like to do funny things." It was cute, but also very sad. Where have our little girls gone? Sigh.

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Trinka said...

Unacceptable! Girls growing up is unacceptable! :)