Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trauma at the dentist

The girls and I had our routine dental cleanings today. My husband came to help me out. We each had one in separate rooms while they had their exams. Luckily, all of us are cavity free and have no problems to speak of!!! However, I made a mistake and cannot decide if I am more mad at myself or at the office staff. On the paperwork I was filling out for the girls, there was a question that asked "Nervous problems?" I thought, "Oh, I don't need to check that. Our girls LOVE coming to the dentist and yes, they have selective mutism, but it's not an issue when they are just having teeth polished." It all started with the x-ray lady. She wanted our 5 year old to do bite wings and she just couldn't. She has a very small mouth and every time she tried to bite it pushed forward, or the bite wing "bit" her tongue. She was literally gagging trying so hard to do this and the lady was fussing at her. Finally, they gave up. In case you are wondering, no, I was not remaining silent. I was politely advocating for my daughter saying she had never had bite wings done...blah,blah,blah, sensitive gag reflex etc... We moved on (without x-rays) to the cleaning. It is all sunshine and smiles. I am thinking this is so good! Then the lady tells her it is time for a polish. She asked if she wanted mint, cinnamon or cherry toothpaste. Our daughter shook her head because she does not LIKE these flavors. Last time this happened she threw up. The lady picks cherry and our poor girl is tearing up already. The lady starts cleaning and our baby is laying there tears SILENTLY coming down. The lady told her that 5 was too old to be fussing at the dentist. I was FURIOUS! I never did say anything except I hoped that my daughter did not puke on her. Our daughter effectively went mute for the next hour. Our independent child clung to me and would not speak or even grunt. Eventually she came out of it and was fine, but does not want to go back to the dentist. Now, I am undecided who I am more mad at. Myself for not listing the nervous problem or the "family" dentistry place who does not seem all that sensitive to the needs of families. What do you think? Look to the poll on the side.


Trinka said...

Can't answer the poll, because I don't have any idea what I would have done, or what a person should do!

But I'm glad it's done and over with, and hopefully oldest will quickly remember more pleasant dental experiences from the past!

Kathlyn said...

If it makes you feel any better, when my brother was 4, our dentist filled his cavity with NO novacaine (sp?). My mom was made to stay in the waiting room while she heard my brother screaming. They wouldn't even allow her to go back there, I think she ended up pushing her way through though. We had to find a special kids dentist in a different state before he would finally go to the dentist again! Also, I am curious, if K doesnt like those flavors, what do the other dentists use instead? Do they just use a plain brush? I don't like those flavors either! Infact that is my most hated part, the gross gritty toothpaste! And the bite wings still make me gag (I have a pretty sensitive reflex too) I guess when you get older you know how to deal with it, but that stinks that she fussed at her. Don't they have extra small bite wings or bubble gum toothpaste??? Oha nd thanks for this story, my appt is next week! haha :)

Allison said...

Dentists are traumatizing. I haven't been there in 10 years, same with Chad. Horrible isn't it? We now have good dental insurance, so I everyday I try to come to terms with going back. I'm thinking of looking into that sedation dentistry stuff where they put you out while doing all the work. I'd look for a new dentist if I were you. I wouldn't put up with that crap when it comes to my kids.