Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Photos!!!

Sorry, we just cannot resist a few more photos. Today was a beautiful fall day here. We went for a hike and collected some things for the youngest's preschool class. We also hit a few garage sales. The girls got a huge bag of ponies for $2. They were very excited and played with them most all day. We ran into Ms. Rhonda (the famous preschool teacher). She just so happened to be eating at the same place we were. It was our first time there. Anyhow, the youngest says, "Why does my teacher follow us every where we go?" The other blooper of the day was the oldest. She was talking to her Daddy about the fire trucks we made at Home Depot a few weeks ago. As we strolled through a crowded parking lot, she shouts, "Hey! Next time we go to Hoe Depot maybe we can...." It was funny to us adults! That is all our news. I am sorry we have been so dull here, but hey, the pictures are great! =)

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Trinka said...

It sounds like a lovely day! Memories aren't made out of the extraordinary, so much as the ordinary. :)

ANd the pictures ARE great. I love the scrunched-up-faced-youngest one! :)