Monday, October 13, 2008

Smores and Sweat

I absolutely cannot believe that a four day weekend has come and gone. We had so much fun and packed a lot in! Today, we had home-school and preschool. Then we loaded up and went to a fort. My husband found a map. We looked it over and decided to take the short route. It certainly looked less curvy and less hilly. Yeah, right. It felt like we were going straight up in the air. The girls were almost in tears by the time we reached the summit. On the positive side, we got to see my husband swing from a vine! We all had fun in the end though. It was very pretty and we got to see some cabins from 1861. One of them looked a lot like the one from Little House. Our oldest daughter went up to the loft. She came down and was talking to me and said, "Man, before we got our house, we should've gotten this one. We could live in the loft like Laura and Mary. Then this place would not be so dirty because you would keep it clean and we could live here forever!" I thought that was pretty darn cute! Rather than our pretty rental she wants this dust filled, rodent inhabited cabin! Funny kid!
Tonight was fun!!! We bought this little outdoor fire pit that is operated by gas. Wal-Mart has them on sale for cheap right now. Our idea was that maybe you could make smores on them. YOU CAN!!! It is so neat. Tonight our yard was filled with the neighborhood kids and we were all roasting marshmallows and making a variety of smores. It was so neat! Afterwards, all the kids are out in the cul-de-saq having bike "races" where everyone wins. Our youngest is the youngest in the group, so they let every race just be a tie so everyone was happy. We were all out there together for over 2 hours and it just felt so special. I hope our girls are like this forever!!!!
My husband returns to snowbirding tomorrow. But it was the perfect end to a blissful weekend. Happy Columbus Day!

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Trinka said...

What a nice day! I'm so glad you are having these great memory-builders!

Methinks rodent-infested cabins might be a lot more fun in theory than they would be in practice. :)