Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Great date

My husband and I had a date tonight and we love our new sitter!!! We went to a bookstore, Target and had dinner out. It was nice and relaxing. To top it off, we came home to a sitter who had played with the girls and done the dishes! She played dress up, puzzles, Pretty, Pretty Princess and polly pockets with the girls. They all had a fun!
I also wanted to give the background on the new photos I posted. The rain ones are from today. My husband took them out to play in our first rain in over a month!
The ballerina ones have a cute story. The youngest was playing dress up alone the other day. We wondered what she was doing. My husband snuck down the hall with the camera and "caught" her playing classical music on her cd player and dancing, completely oblivious to him. It was so sweet!
There are some random things I want to blog too.
1. The other day we were talking about what animals we had seen in the car and the oldest said, "We saw a ghost, horse and bird." She is unaware of what ghosts are, so she has labeled them as animals! So adorable!
2. Today at lunch she was reading my water bottle which said, "Deer Park". She said, "Why is it called that? Is that because deer like this water? Or is it at park they like to play at?" So adroable!
3. I have a wonderful new item! I have a KITCHEN AID MIXER!!!!!! I have wanted one for years!!! The other day we were at a Meijers and my husband found one that had been returned without a box and it was over 50% off!!!! We were so excited and he offered to get it for me. Now, all I need it the ice cream attachment, cutting blade and the cover to keep things from flying out! =) By the way, it is a beautiful red color and I feel quite sinful owning such awesomeness!!! =)
Sorry for such a weird, rambling blog! I will try and be more concise next time.

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