Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tree Rubbin' and the knife fiasco

What, you may be asking, is tree rubbing? It was a load of fun! Part of our home-school assignment was to take out thin white paper and place them on trees and rub over them with crayons. Evidently, each tree bark is distinctive and you could (possibly) identify each tree by its individual rubbing. I don't know if it's true, but each girl did about 6 rubbings and they were all amazingly different! They were so cute tromping around in the woods wearing green frog boots and rubbing on trees. They also amassed a collection of stuff from the forest. They collected rocks, twigs, leaves, acorns and I think some grass. Tomorrow they plan to glue it to paper to "get ready for fall" as the oldest said.
Tonight the girls had awanas and had a great time there too. They got their new books and the oldest made a friend who is bringing her a Cinderella doll next time!
My husband has always made fun of me when I hold knives. If I slice an apple, he cringes in terror and flinches with each slice I cut off. If it's veggies, he says "Why not let me take over?". He goes out of his way to keep sharp knives away.... till tonight. After our hike we found a YUMMY local bakery and got coffees and the girls got a scone. As we left they gave us a HUGE bag of bagels!!! There must have been 20 or more in there. They said we can freeze them and pull them out as needed. So, we brought them home and he split them up, some to the fridge and others to the freezer. I had made my soup yesterday and we wanted leftovers. He suggests a lightly toasted bagel with butter as the accompanying side. It sounds wonderful. He even pulled them out the fridge and laid them out, waiting to be sliced with the HUGE, very sharp ,very slicy bread, very SHARP, bread knife. I picked up the bagel and think, "Odd, he did not slice it yet." So, being so brave I start to slice. Meanwhile in our bedroom, he is thinking to himself, "Gee, maybe I should have sliced those..." "AHHHHHHH, help, Mommy hurt her finger". Yep. I sliced my finger wide open and had to use a princess band aid to cover it up. While the girls were running around worried about Mommy, can you guess what my so called "loving" husband did???? He walked over to the bagel and said, "Well, at least you did not get any blood on it. Hey! You did not even knick the bagel with the knife!! How did you do that?" Are you reading the love and concern here??? Urg. Fortunately, even without his help both I and the finger have survived.

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Trinka said...

But you got a PRINCESS band-aid ... how could you NOT feel better with a princess band-aid. :)