Monday, October 20, 2008

1 hand or 2?

Funny conversation took place today between my husband and our oldest daughter. We were riding around with the windows down and he saw her sticking her hand out the window. Now, we have had many conversations about this and the danger of getting your hand stuck. He said, "Daughter, don't do that. You might get your hand cut off." Her reply? "Well that would be fine because I don't really use my right hand. I am leftie so I could still write and stuff without it. I don't mind Daddy." How can you argue with that? I tell ya, this kid can convince us we are wrong. If she is not a lawyer or something where you are ALWAYS convincing others how WRONG they are and how RIGHT you are, I don't know what she'll be. She is VERY good at arguing and in such a way that you are just stumped and not quite sure what to say in response. Very cute kid!

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Trinka said...

oh my ... she is a logical one. :) Good thing she doesn't sit on the other side of the van. :) :)