Monday, October 27, 2008

Rock Climb

The top photo was the girls being rock ballerinas! It was very cute to watch. The rest are just shots from the day. But the one of the trees is a test. Our girls are there. They were within 20 feet of us wearing neon pink coats and yet we could barely see them there. It made me want to get more neonish clothing that is even brighter!
This morning we watched "Between the Lions". It had a segment on sea horses. It was very politely describing the mating ritual, there was no way kids could know. They said this was they "greeted" each other. The lady does a little show and then they grab tails. Later the female puts the eggs in the daddy's pouch and he raises the babies. It was very cute and endearing. Later in the day though our oldest says, "Hey Mommy! I have a great idea! Remember on TV this morning they were talking about sea horses and how in sea horses daddies keep the babies in their pouches? Well, in the morning, you could get up early and put on a little show for daddy just like them huh?" I was rolling! She had no idea why, but sometimes you just have to laugh at them/with them. It was hilarious!

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Trinka said...

How cute! If people-daddies had to carry the babies, there would be a LOT fewer babies. :) :)

The rock climbing-outing looks like such a fun day!