Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Johnny Appleseed

Today as I was doing home-school with the oldest we read the biography of Johnny Appleseed. It was supposed to last two days, but we were so into it we read the whole book in one sitting. Even I was really impressed with the story and learned a lot from it. Like Johnny's real name was Johnny Chapman and he was born in 1774. One of the statements from the biography read, "...he was born two years before the United States." Our daughter was extremely fascinated by that. Later in the day she asked, "Daddy, are you older even than the United States AND Johnny Appleseed?" Pretty cute stuff!
We spent around 3 hours hiking and exploring nature together today. We saw many deer and even 3 horses! Some of these photos really made me cry. Our girls are turning into kids. I am so unprepared for this. I am also so thankful that our kids are home with us. We get to tickle them in the middle of the day, read stories that are not just for bed and spend an afternoon looking at the rings on tree stumps and feeling different pine cones and leaves. I may get frustrated at different things, but I am SO thankful that God has allowed us all this time together and for me to be where I want to be. At home being a wife and mother. I absolutely LOVE MY FAMILY!


Trinka said...

What great pictures. I'm also shocked at how those kids are growing. They're looking SO grown up. I'm thankful, too, that you're able to be with them.

And I do believe Cliff IS almost as old as the country. I believe there is a birthday with a "0" at the end coming up ...

(The fact that I'm hitting that same birthday in two months does NOT need to be mentioned ...) :)

Kathlyn said...

Where are the pictures of you??? Get Cliff to snap one of you and the girls next time, or better yet, get the girls to snap one of you and Cliff :) We should have family photo shoot day one day!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been home with
the kids when they were growing up.
YOu are lucky.
Can't believe how big they are.
Not babies any more