Friday, October 24, 2008

God and Horses

I woke up this morning to two girls coming in and out of our room. EARLY. So, after telling them what their punishment for the day was, they settled down. Later the youngest tells me that she had two dreams last night. In one dream she saw her friend Reagan from preschool and she said, "Hi Reagan!" The other dream she saw some horses and they were being chased by a "cover thingy" (not sure what this is exactly). She said the thing chasing was not scary. It was God and he was just trying to play tag with the horses. Is that not an awesome mental image? So often we picture God as a dictator, or magician or loving Father or Omnipresent and the list literally goes A-Z, but have you ever just thought of God having fun and doing something totally random like playing tag with horses? Made me smile. I hope it does you too.
Contrary to my negative thoughts at 5:40 a.m., the day has gone really well. The girls have had so much fun playing today. They have played some cool games that they made up. One game involved spinning in circles and singing, "Hello Johnny Appleseed!" A second game involved them informing the other they were moving away. The one who was staying would say,"ok, well I love you and will cry for you. So, come give me and hug and kiss and go please." It was very funny to listen to. The best game they created required a set of fairy wings, multiple notebooks, various writing utensils and some imagination. They ran around with their equipment (wings on, of course) and pretended they were at the zoo. Every time they saw an animal, they had to write the letter it started with and/or try to spell the whole name. Our youngest (who is hard for me to teach) LOVED having Sissy teach her to write! It was so educational and they thought it was fun AND they created it without any help from us! We were busy doing laundry and stuff. So, if you are bored right now, maybe you oughta try it out! =)

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