Saturday, October 4, 2008

Do it yourself

Has anyone else ever taken their children to Home Depot for the DIY Kids workshops? We did today! You have GOT to find out if they offer it in your area!! It rocks!!! Today was a really special one because they had a Kid Safety event along with the DIY thing. Usually they just offer the DIY workshop inside. Today, everything was outside and completely FREE! They give the kids real Home Dept aprons and they get to keep them! They even write their names on them! Then every child gets a kit. Today's kit was a wooden fire truck with a train whistle on it. They give you all the hardware and lend you hammers to use. It was so sweet! On a random Saturday morning we were surrounded by moms, dads, grandparents, single parents etc. all there building together. The air was full of laughing and families building together. It was so touching and honestly lots of fun!
I also wanted to share how thankful I am. This time last year, we were unable to afford a flu shot for me. It cost us $40 for the girls and $10 for Cliff and I just went without. This year, we went to the PX on base and all of us got the Nasal Mist Vaccine (in under 3 minutes) for FREE! It may seem small to others, but it made me feel so thankful! I appreciate the military providing this for us and making it so simple to keep our families protected.
This afternoon was a great time as well. The girls played with a little neighbor boy, my husband washed his motorcycle and I washed the van. I caught up on the phone with some old friends and we just relished our Saturday together!

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Trinka said...

What a nice day! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)