Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeling like Fall

After weeks of 80 degree weather, fall is here. Brrrrrr. We needed jackets today. After church we went outside to play. The girls had SOOOOO much fun! Once, I looked up and there were 16 kids in the street! I only knew a few of them. The girls were just in the mix. The ages of the whole group were 4-16. Then this poor guy without kids decided to leave the neighborhood. I think it took him 5 minutes just to maneuver past all the kiddos! At one point, the kids were starting to play a game that I was not sure I wanted our girls to play. I was just getting ready to call them home when they switched gears. This group of kids starts collecting mud, flowers, rocks and bugs and mixing them into a drainage ditch filled with old rain water. They were making Triple Check Spaghetti. No one was quite sure WHAT it was, just that they WERE making it! =) It was cute. Later the new kids came out and our girls got a chance to play with them. After we came in, we had homemade cole slaw and pulled pork BBQ. My hubby loved it! The girls and I ate other stuff, but I did enjoy making it for him. I love new recipes!

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