Monday, October 6, 2008

Who let those dogs out?

I apologize that the pictures are not better, but I had to blog about my parents. Our girls are very fortunate because they have three complete sets of wonderful grandparents who love the girls so much! All six grandparents are involved in the girls lives and major milestones. Due to distance factors it is frequently not as much as we'd all like. But I had to post these photos and tell a story about the girls and my parents -- specifically my father. My parents are here after referred to as Nana and Gampy (their chosen titles).
For my dad's most recent birthday, WAY back in early May, the girls picked out a card from Wal-Mart. Nothing really spectacular about that act or anything. You may be thinking that this sounds incredibly dull, but please bear with me. This particular card they picked out had a picture of a dog on it. However, when you open it up it blares "Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?...." I am sure most of are familiar with that crazy song. This day in Wal-Mart, the girls were enamored with the very expensive musical card and asked if that could be the card for Gampy. I said, "Sure". We wrote in it and mailed it and it left my mind. Not so for the young ones though. A few days later they asked me if Gampy had the card. We called him and he did! He played it over the phone and made a big deal out it. Later he asked me WHY they chose this card, but for them he went on and on about it. They were glowing. He realized that he would not be able to get rid of the card, because they kept calling him and wanting to hear the song. This is the point where it all began. Pretty soon, they were maybe a little tired of asking about the card and maybe he was too, because he started acting REALLY attached to the card. They in turn began teasing and saying he needed to throw the card away etc. Well, before long, Nana and my sister are in on the project. They would call the girls on a Monday and say, "Girls, we hid the card from Gampy. It's under the rug and he never looks there." Tuesday afternoon, I would notice a voicemail on my phone and when I played the message I would hear, "Who let those dogs out?" I would quickly put it on speaker phone and the girls would start screaming! It is SO funny! They immediately want to call and Gampy tells them outrageous stories about finding the card. He taunts them with it for a few days and then Nana "hides" it again and the whole thing starts over. It is even better in person though. THE first thing the girls do is run up to Nana and say, "Where's the card?" For the duration of their stay, they will grab the card and hide it all over the house. Gampy unfailingly finds it and taunts them unmercifully with it. You should see him. A grown man, running all over their house and dancing to the singing card. It is quite a show that very few of us have ever been witness to. =) Today was another day when Gampy found the card. We got a voicemail sent to antagonize our daughters. They called him back and he told them that he took the card to work (he is a PASTOR) and that every time someone came to visit him, he played the card and danced on top of his desk. I thought our oldest daughter was going to have a fit!!!!! Her eyes were HUGE and she was squealing and talked about it all night long. She wondered if he shook his bottom for the visitors and Gampy did say, "Yes"! It is such a funny thing to witness this exchange between my parents and my children. It is funny as all get out, but also a neat way to bond and keep in touch while we are all apart. It will be an exceedingly sad day when this phase comes to an end, until then I cannot wait for that next voicemail.....

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