Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beautiful weather

Man, today just rocked! My parents and sister came down for a visit. It was so fun to show them our house and the area where we lived. They got to come to base. I took them on their first ever trip to a PX and Clothing and Sales. It was cool! It reminded me of a few months ago when we began our military journey and I was THRILLED the first time I had to show an ID to get on base and shop at the PX! We had a great visit, it was just way too short.
Then we had this amazingly gorgeous weather! I think it hit 75 here!
PLUS, even though my husband had to work on a Saturday, he was home much earlier than expected and he loved what he was doing! It reminded us both of all the reasons why we love being a military family. I know that sometimes we gripe, but it is a great experience and daily we witness why God led us to this point and this place at this time.
For four hours the girls played outside with friends today. It was fun for all of us! They were muddy and tired. The best combination for kids, in my opinion. I am never afraid to let the girls get dirty (as long as they are wearing play clothes). I love seeing dirty, happy kids. I know they will not always be willing to get dirty, make mud pies or collect rocks in buckets, so I will enjoy this time of their lives and willing do mountains of laundry just to let them be kids! After their bath the youngest came and asked to go to bed because she was a little bit sleepy! Ya gotta love it!

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Trinka said...

Sounds like a great day! :)