Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas List

The girls and I were driving around today and talking about what they each want to get Daddy for Christmas. The youngest is adamant that she wants to make Daddy shirt that says, "Daddy loves (her name)". Also, she wants to find a real bird nest for him to keep. The oldest wants to get him a scarf. They have changed their minds a lot up till now, so we will see what actually happens. The oldest one cracked me up today though! First, she saw a little snowflake. Very little. Just one. She squealed, "Mommy! Look! A snowflake came skipping past my head!" Then she said that she wanted to get Daddy a shirt for his birthday that says, "I love my Armor Wife". I privately asked me hubby if he'd wear that! We both got a good laugh over her. She is so cute!

1 comment:

Trinka said...

It made me think of Armor-All ... so you'd be shiny forever. :)